Virginia Tech Wrestling Rises to New Rankings as Iowa and Penn State Win

Virginia Tech Wrestling Rises to New Rankings as Iowa and Penn State Win

Virginia Tech Wrestling Rises to New Rankings as Iowa and Penn State Win

While the No. 9 Nebraska Wrestling was busy winning the Cliff Keane Invitational over the weekend, five of the top 10 ranked teams competed in double action over the weekend and were forced to adapt to the national rankings. 8 Virginia Tech became the most important. After that no. 3 Missouri.

The shift to tech also dropped the rest of the top-10 rankings, with Michigan, Oklahoma State, NC State, Arizona State and Ohio State moving up one place each, and Missouri moved from 3rd to 10th. Out of the 25 nationally ranked teams, a total of 17 have changed positions this week after Cliff Keane and double results, and here are the biggest measures and key notes of the latest NWCA rankings:






1 Iowa (14) (3-0) 350 1
2 Penn State (5-0) 336 2
3 Michigan (3-0) 315 4
4 Oklahoma State (3-0) 310 5
5 NC State (2-0) 294 6
6 Arizona State (1-0) 274 7
7 Ohio State (3-0) 273 8
8 Virginia Tech (3-1) 251 10
9 Nebraska (3-0) 235 9
10 Missouri (4-1) 220 3
11 Cornell (1-0) 206 11
12 Rutgers (9-0) 191 14
13 State of Iowa (2-1) 179 13
14 Minnesota (1-1) 176 12
15 Purdue (6-0) 139 15
16 Wisconsin (4-0) 126 16
17 Oklahoma (2-1) 124 18
18 Lehi (3-2) 107 22
19 North Carolina (3-4) 86 19
20 Northern Iowa (0-2) 69 17
21 Princeton (0-1) 67 20
22 Pittsburgh (3-1) 54 23
23 Illinois (0-0) 45 21
24 Northwest (0-0) 36 24
25 Wyoming (0-0) 34 N.R.

Virginia Tech beats Missouri, tops the list in Northern Iowa

The Hawkeyes’ top promotion from No. 10 to No. 8 came after the team performed against two ranked opponents, beating No. 17 Northern Iowa 39-3 and then taking the number down. 3 Tigers 18-16. In a dominant victory over the Panthers, the Hawkeyes won every weight class except 125 pounds.

Fighting with the out-of-conference Tigers, Tech quickly went into deficit, with Missouri No. 18 Noah Surtin dropping the Hookies’ No. 12 Sam Latona to 125 pounds. Virginia Tech All-American Corbin Myers got his team back on track with a decision against No. 27 Trey Crawford, but Missouri extended their lead to 141 pounds when No. 12 Alan Hart’s sudden victory in the Virginia Tech Colin Gerardi topped the list. Gerardi’s ability to block bonus points in this match was crucial in keeping the tech in the fight, and the hockey duo of Bryce Andonian and Connor Brady finally scored 9-9 after two back-to-back decisions against the numbers 149 and 157. Equal to 9. 19 Josh Edmund and No. 11 Jarrett Jacques, respectively.

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While the Hawkeyes tied the Tigers in doubles this time around, the Virginia Tech will not be able to take the lead until the 184-pound contest when No. 9 Hunter Boleyn defeated No. 10 Jeremiah Kent 6-3 in the top 10 fight. To define double. Bolen completed the momentum set by a win over No. 4 Peyton Moko on a tie-breaker by No. 4 Mickey Lewis and eventually sidelined Tech, but the win was not easy. Just two games earlier, the Hawkeyes made the big decision of the loss at 165 pounds when No. 3 Keegan O’Toole beat Clayton Ulri 12-4 to win just the second bonus of the night. Tech needed 184 wins to stay in the game.

Missouri put themselves on the board first in this heavyweight match with a takedown from Kent, and when Boleyn survived, he could not pick up any offensive points in the first round. The Tigers took the lead in this critical match along with the team score. But that will soon change. Bolen equalized the score with a save to start the second, and then went on the attack with a double-leg takedown to take a 4-2 lead after the first five minutes with riding time. It will all come to an end. Missouri picked the bottom to start the third period and quickly lost their riding time advantage but Hunter Bolen made it 4-3 with the team score on the line. He made a second takedown to end the contest 6-3.

Missouri regained the lead after 197 pounds when No. 5 Rocky Elm defeated Dakota Howard 8-2, sparking an epic heavyweight fight between No. 14 Nathan Traxler and No. 13 Jack Elm in a Dual Online. Unlike the 184-pound competition, it had very little scoring and a lot of suspense, as seven minutes later a pair of survivors between the two wrestlers sent the duo to a surprise victory. With his team trailing 16-15, Nathan Traxler secured his biggest win of the year when he secured his takedown in extra time and locked it for Virginia Tech. Missouri, despite losing to Virginia Tech, beat Northern Iowa 25-16 to stay in the top 10, while UNI slipped from 17th to 20th.

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The rise of Virginia Tech, however, has left the Hookies at No. 5 ACC. The champion brings the NC closer to the state and generates more heat for the double competition of that conference in late January.

No. 1 and No. 2 remained standing

Speaking of conference and state hostility, both No. 1 Iowa and No. 2 Penn State competed this weekend, in which Iowa won the No. 1 spot at the time. 13 Iowa State set a 2-0 weekend record with a 23-11 win and Penn State 20-16 at Penn and a 23-16 win at No. 22 Lehigh.

The Hawkeyes came close to performing the expected championship lineup for the postseason, which included Murin in the mix against the cyclone, but Miles Wilson still wrestled in place of Abe Assad in 184, and Nelson Brands replaced Michael. Took the mat for 4 174 instead. Kemer. Jesse Yabra also made a double start for Iowa from 125 pounds, unlike three-time Champion and two-time Hodge Champion Spencer Lee. Mourinho and Brands won in the decisive fashion, while Wilson defeated No. 14 Marcus Coleman 4-1, and Yabra lost 8-2 to No. 21 Kisan Terkukina. Jacob Warner also made a comeback at 197 for the Hawkeyes, although the 2021 All-American suffered a shocking 4-3 defeat at No. 24 Younger Bastida to create some scary emotions on both sides of the mat.

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In addition to Terkukina, Bastida and Coleman, champion David Kerr comfortably added a 6-2 victory over No. 9 Caleb Young for his cyclone victory. Kerr has been a quiet, well-rounded leader trying to model himself in this new era of cyclone wrestling, and he has the IQ of elite wrestling to help inspire more greatness from this team. Can But despite Carr’s impressive performances, the night was related to Iowa, with Jadin Eyerman, Alex Marinelli, and Tony Cassiope earning bonus points through big decisions and DQs, and Austin Desanto, Murin and Brands earning team points through decisions. Contributed Iowa will host the next mat on December 20 at the Rockfin Collegiate Dowles.

Penn State will also be at the event where it is expected to compete with Northern Iowa and Cornell. But Penn State, like Iowa, is still exploring its lineup The Daily Collegiate Injuries and illness have affected the program, he said.

Against state enemy Penn, the Nitney Lions pushed for a 20-16 victory, even with a defeat in the heavyweight division. champion Carter Staroki and finalist Max Dean won the only majors for Penn State, in which Staroki defeated 21 Nick Incontrera of Penn 13-3, and Dean shut out 10-0 against Cole Urbas. The Quakers, for their part, beat No. 12 Michael Kolayoko by topping Penn State’s utility team player Brandon Meredith to earn a bonus at 133, a sophomore who has scored 125, 133 in his career with the Nitney Lions. And wrestled 141.

The Penn State doubles against Leahy told a similar story, as Starossi defeated Jake Logan, Dean pinned JT Davis and Leah won in the heavyweight division. Meanwhile, Champion Nick Lee won his 100th victory over Connor McGonagle 2-0 13-6 over the weekend after beating Penn’s Carmen Ferrante 6-3. champion Roman Bravo-Young also returned to earn a bonus against Sheldon Seymour after a big decision against the Mountain Hawks. Penn State middleweight Creton Edsel and Donovan Ball also led 2-0 over the weekend, with Edsel winning the rankings against both Lehigh and Payne.

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Aaron Brooks is expected to be a slot for the ball later in the season, but Edsell’s ability to score big wins at 165 could help him secure that place for the rest of the season. Depending on the plans of Coal Cal Sanderson & Company. That weight is moving forward. The biggest thing from Penn State’s performance this weekend is that this team is good, and more are coming. The team’s lineup over the weekend is probably not the second-best in the country, but, in March, the team will be well-prepared for the title from the lightest to the star. Will be ready to compete. The heaviest weight.

The Mountain Hawks brought the Nitney Lions back after the defeat with a 37-3 win over Lock Haven, a 3-2 win over the season and moved them from 22nd to 18th. The change affected Illinois, which has moved from 21st to 23rd, Princeton, which has moved from 20th to 21st, and Pitt, which has moved from 23rd to 22nd. Stanford also dropped out of the rankings this week, while being ranked 25th. Wyoming made it to the finals.

Rutgers remain undefeated and re-impressed

The Rutgers may be one of the least anticipated teams at the start of the season, but Scarlett Knights continues to impress in every ranking – moving from No. 14 to No. 12 after an impressive win against the Americans in Washington this week, the DC coach said. Scott Goodell led his side to a 41-3 victory over the Eagles, with Jack Madda of the United States beating Devon Britton 6-2 to score just 133 pounds. In addition, it was won by a bonus for the Rutgers as Sebastian Rivera, Robert Kenyard, John Poznasky and Greg Bulsak made technical gains, Michael van Brill took a pin and Boon McDermott earned a bonus through DQ on Isaac Writer.

The AU returned to beat Hofstra later in the weekend, before dropping another match. Duke lost to Maryland over the weekend, falling 23-17 to Terpus.

Scarlett Knights will clash with the army before heading to the Midlands. Don’t be surprised if they crack in the top 10 before the end of the double season.