Uruguay 2 – 1 Portugal |  greatbritishbrekkie.org.uk

Uruguay 2 – 1 Portugal | greatbritishbrekkie.org.uk

Uruguay 2 – 1 Portugal |  greatbritishbrekkie.org.uk

The second match of the 16 rounds of the FIFA World Cup was today between Uruguay and Portugal. Uruguay came into the game with 3 wins in 3 overs and Portugal came into the game with 1 win and 2 draws.th Seed ranking by FIFA compared to 14th The rankings for Uruguay indicate that this is going to be a very close football match!

Uruguay vs. Portugal
The final score is 2-1

In the first half, both sides got off to a strong start for Portugal with a number of chances, including a close goal by Ronaldo and in the 7th.th Cavani’s superb header gave Uruguay the lead. Both teams continued to strengthen with a free kick saved by Suarez which almost gave Uruguay a big lead and was later hit by a free-kick wall by Ronaldo.

The second half continued as before with both teams having plenty of chances and Portugal having the most shots and possession. A corner kick back to Portugal in the 55th with a brilliant header by Pepeth Minutes later, however, Cavani found another place behind the Portuguese defenders and scored again with a comfortable shot around the keeper at 62.nd The minute it was a great goal against which the goalkeeper had no chance but the defenders actually disappointed themselves with a goal. Portugal continued to build pressure with a series of excellent scoring chances, with Bernardo Silva losing an open goal after a mistake by the keeper. Uruguay gave Rodriguez a great chance to score, which he could not get in the end.