Every word Patrick Vieira uttered on Connor Gallagher, Leicester Match and Colo Tour Friendship

Every word Patrick Vieira uttered on Connor Gallagher, Leicester Match and Colo Tour Friendship

Every word Patrick Vieira uttered on Connor Gallagher, Leicester Match and Colo Tour Friendship

Six Premier League games in the brand new season. How happy are you with the way Crystal Palace performs?

If we are talking about performance, I think it has been very positive. I think we’ve seen a lot of improvement from the Chelsea game to the last game we played against Brighton, I think we’re in a good process, there’s still a lot of things we still need to improve. Need. Because when you see how many points we had, and we have, we are not very happy. We wanted more points.

So there is still much to improve. But the way the team is working out week in and week out, the way the team is moving game after game is very positive. But now, I think we have to learn a lot along with the details of the game, the details that can take us three points.

The fact that you have changed from a style of football to your own style of football, should you be very proud that the players have adopted your philosophy so quickly?

I think all the credit goes to the players honestly. They come up with an open mind every day, accepting an administrator with some new ideas for working every day in training. I have a great group of players who ask questions, who want to improve or learn and it’s a pleasure to work with those players every day.

I think they’re on the same page as the fans – they understand being on the Palace grounds and working hard. This is the least we can do on the field. And that’s all we’re doing. And I think this group of players really understands what the fans want and what the fans are looking for. I think so far we’ve been very good at that aspect of the game.

How do you think the game will spread over the weekend?

We will play against a team that is clearly going through a difficult period. They lose a little bit of confidence and speed but it does not take away their personal qualities [or] The quality of the team. They’ve been unlucky and some of the games they’ve played.

This is going to be really challenging because they have some really good players and we have to be prepared. If you want to get something out of the game, we have to work hard, because the technical level of this team is really good. So we have to hope and we have to be ready, we have to prepare ourselves for adversity and good performance.

Jamie Wardy – How do you stop him?

I think the mistakes we can make are just to focus on one player. I think when you look at midfielders they can run with the ball and they can give the last pass. I think we have to stop those players from providing goals for Ward.

Wardy, I believe he is one of the top strikers in the league. He’s been doing this year after year, he can run backwards, he can come to the link, he can score left or right foot, he can score the title. He is a player who wants to run behind. We know all the powers but if we want the chance we have to stop Lester to perform.

On the unfortunate scene at the end of the Brighton game. Was it frustrating?

I don’t want people and especially you people to talk about this kind of thing. I’d rather talk to you about the game yourself. I think it was a great game of football. And the scene was crazy. And I’d rather talk about it. I think the football club’s statement was very clear. They were watching what was really happening after the game.

I haven’t seen the event so it’s hard for me to comment, but I think the club is watching it very closely. And then we’ll make the right decision.

Team news or recent injury concerns?

Nathan was not injured outside [Ferguson] And ez. Everyone has trained for the last two days and everyone will be fit for selection.

You called the last-minute draw by Brighton on Monday ruthless. How long did this feeling last in the team? Was there any kind of hangover or did the players manage to get rid of it too soon?

No, it’s still in our minds. It was brutal. I was really happy with the reaction of the players after the game. As we talked about, the players are really impressed with the way the game ended. But we have to use that frustration to focus even more from the first to the last minute of the game. And I think those situations make the team stronger because we have to learn from such situations how to manage the last few minutes of the game.

How has Jordan IU been over the last few days?

Jordan was obviously all players because he knew he had a chance to score the second goal, but he was not more or less disappointed than the rest of the team. I think like all of us and I admit that fans and all those who love Crystal Palace were disappointed with the way the game ended.

Do fixtures against Leicester automatically remind you of May 2004 and save the undefeated season?

No, I really don’t live in the past. I don’t really go back to the kind of game or history that happened and I was really happy. It was a wonderful moment but I don’t really think about it.

Conor Gallagher – How important is he and what does he bring to the team?

He is an important player for us as he brings his energy to both sides of the game. I think when he’s in our possession he’s the guy who likes to run behind, he always gives us a choice inside the box. And out of possession, he is the one who covers and protects the spaces well. Like I said, last time, it was a pleasure to work with such a player. He wants to improve, he is always open to conversation and we all enjoy working with him.

How important is he in the way you want this team to play in terms of pressing and being on the front foot?

He’s the kind of guy I think he fits well with the funds and the stadium atmosphere. He likes to keep going, stopping people. You know, this is the kind of energy he is bringing to the team.

Do you have a strong relationship with Brandon Rogers?

No, I met him many times when we were in the stadiums but I never got a chance to really spend time with him and talk about football.

Looking forward to seeing the Colo Tour tomorrow? Talked too much with him this week?

I’m in touch with Colo because, obviously, we spent a few years together at Arsenal. We have a really good relationship. He is the person I really admire. He was a top footballer but also a really good man. I’m still in touch with him, we’ve talked together many times. He has been following me through my coaching badges and coaching careers and I was doing the same with him. We are in touch. We are very close.

Do you think he would like to be a manager one day?

Yes, I firmly believe that he has the ability to go into a management career. I talked to her and she is really happy to be with Brendan Rogers. I think it’s hard to find a better place to learn his way [Rodgers] Managing and playing the way he wants his team to play. He is really happy there and I hope he will one day have a chance to show what he is able to do at this level as a manager.