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As part of their participation in our Great British Brekkie week Creed Foodservice ran an internal recipe competition. The judging was tough but the winner is……..Marketing Manager, Holly Earl with the following delicious recipe…

Smoked salmon and creamed horseradish and rocket on a toasted English muffin.

– Slice 2 muffins in half and toast

– Mix 1-2 teaspoons horseradish sauce (depending on how hot you like it!) with 3-4 teaspoons of crème fraiche. Spread over each muffin half.

– add rocket to the muffins and chop if necessary.

– place slices of smoked salmon on top and garnish with a lemon wedge.

A yummy breakfast or brunch treat!



See below some of the other entries they received……

Employee 1

A Scrummy British Breakfast Egg” on the theme of a scotch egg.


Rationale – a whole breakfast in one – its hand held and convenient to eat on the go, so really on trend as a consumer need now. No packaging or waste as the packaging is actually edible (Breadcrumb) so good environmental message.



A soft poached free range egg coated in a delicate old spot pork & chestnut mushroom sausage, lightly fried in a smoked British bacon and black pudding breadcrumb, served with vine ripened tomato chutney.


It could be developed as a range to include baked beans & tomato in the sausage or crumb etc


Employee 2

Victorian Breakfast


Starting at the base, this is a layered breakfast (tower shaped)


Potato cake on the base topped with Black pudding, liver, bacon served with a fried quails egg on top and a side of hollandaise sauce

the potato cake contains smoked haddock


Employee 3

Gingerbread American Pancakeswith Maple Syrup and Parma Ham with freshly squeezed MeP Blood Oranges. Absolutely yummy and tested on many friends J


225g self-raising flour

3 tbsp soft light brown sugar

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp ground ginger

pinch salt

couple of drops of vanilla extract

300ml semi-skimmed milk

1 egg

4 tbsp sunflower oil

12 slices Parma ham


Top with:

maple syrup

sour cream or crème fraiche


Employee 4

Tea and biscuits.


Employee 5

Porridge with mixed nuts and berries and orange juice.


Employee 6

Irish soda bread and honey.


Employee 7

Toasted muffin with bacon, hash browns and beans.


Employee 8

Toasted Panini with brie, bacon and cranberry sauce.


Employee 9

Posh eggs and ham. (using a Yorkshire pudding tin, cover with bacon and/or ham, put in chopped tomatoes or beans and top with an egg)


Employee 10

Red onion bagel, with bacon fresh tomatoes and mayonnaise .


Employee 11

crumpet roulette.

Whisk some egg

Coarsely chop chillies and add to egg mixture.

Soak a crumpet in the mixture and drop into a hot frying pan then turn down the heat a bit

Keep turning the crumpet until golden and no liquid in the centre when pressed

Serve hot with Tomato ketchup or maple syrup.


It is called crumpet roulette because you don’t know which mouth full will have a chilli hotness and which one wont.


Employee 12

Bircher muesliis a very popular dish in Switzerland and German, more popular in the summer months.

It’s an easy and healthy way to start your day



•              150g rolled oats

•              350 ml milk

•              60ml apple juice

•              Juice from half a lemon

•              1 apple, cored and grated with the peel

•              1-2 tablespoons honey

•              350g plain yogurt

•              A dash of cinnamon (optional)

•              Toppings : your favorite fresh and/or dried fruit, nuts, toasted coconut, blueberries, strawberries, raisins and hazelnuts etc.



1.             Combine oats, milk, apple juice and lemon juice and let sit overnight in the refrigerator.

2.            In the morning add the grated apple, honey (to taste), yogurt, and cinnamon, if desired, and mix well.

3.            Top with your favorite fruits and nuts.


Employee 13

Big Breakfast omelettefor 1;


3 X Eggs (Whisked)

3 X Smokey Bacon Rashers (Roughly Chopped)

2 X Sausages (Diced)

2 X Slices of Black Pudding (Crumbled)

2 X Fresh Tomatoes (Chopped)

2 X Spring Onions (Finely Chopped)

1 X Fresh Red Chilli (Finely Chopped)

Handful of Grated Smoked Cheddar Cheese

Salt and Pepper to season


Gently fry off the bacon, sausage, black pudding and onions until cooked.  Add the tomatoes and chilli then whisk in the eggs.  Fry the omelette until cooked then add the cheese as a topping and place under a grill until golden brown and crispy on top.  Serve with sauce of choice – my preference is the Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Sauce…..

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